Sunday, October 5, 2008


I painted and embroidered this picture for my brother's new baby. Ok, she's not so new anymore. It is from a picture on their blog. The style is quite different for me. I hope they like it. Now I just need to frame and mail it to Hawaii.

One more corn field

This is the cornfield that I've done so far (it was the second one) that I don't really like. I think the colors are good, but the lines just don't work for me very well. I may need it someday though--the director of the art gallery at the college in town said that he was interested in doing a show of these pieces in the prairie studies department. In that case, I may need a bunch of them.

Start of a Family Portrait

We started a family project this week. It is a family portrait. The girls drew pictures of everyone on paper and then I drew them onto a piece of black fabric with soap. Then we all painted it with metallic paint. I am in the process of doing machine stitching everywhere to add definition. I obviously am not very far along. Just so you know--this is large for me--about four by three feet. My plan is to hang this in the library where I needed something funky. I may end up only hanging it for Halloween, but maybe we'll like it a lot after its done. We shall see.

Iowa Corn Stubble--May 2008

I haven't posted anything for months. Thats because my camera broke a few months ago and I had no pictures to post. I have made new stuff lately though. And now I have a camera to post it.

This is an image of corn fields (again) that I saw driving back from Des Moines last May after I'd dropped Eric at the airport. I've been working on it off and on ever since then, and here it is. I think this is as good as it is going to get.