Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I went to visit my cousin a few weeks ago. She is having a baby girl soon and is naming it after one of her favorite flowers. So, I thought a picture of the flower in question would be a good baby gift. I like how it turned out. Now I just need to do a framing job of some kind and send it off.

Peter and Mary

A few years ago I entered a fiber post card show in Arizona. The theme was a real or imagined trip to Arizona. Since I personally had no memories of Arizona, I did a picture of my mom roller skating in the 1950's in Mesa. I recently got an e-mail inviting me to enter again. Since the last show, I have been to Arizona--to my brother Peter's wedding. So, I did a portrait of Peter and Mary. It was hard going getting a good image because it is kind of light colored and very small. But, one of my memories of their wedding was walking around the Mesa temple and looking at the different types of cactus growing on the grounds. So, I gave Mary a cactus bouquet. I think she really had daisies, but I kind of like the cactus.

In the Curve of the Sand

I finished this piece too. I needed some words for it and opened up a poem by Tennyson. The line reads "And the rainbow lives in the curve of the sand." I think it is greatly improved by the line.

Flowers in My Garden--all done

You've seen this one before--in a more unfinished phase. I really like the green beads around the edge, I am not sure of the black beads on the flowers. They may get picked off and replaced by smaller french knots or something.