Thursday, May 1, 2008

Iowa Corn Stubble--2008

I took my kids on a hike at Rock Creek State park in March--just as Winter was ending here. The hills on the way there were covered with corn stubble. This is my image of the road to the park. I was trying to do a picture in cool tones, but as usual, red and yellow just wouldn't stay out of it. I do think it feels a little bit chilly even with my warm colors.

By the way--I painted on linen and then layered with netting and embroidery.

Seashells by the Seashore

One of the last assignments for my Fertile Earth class was to do a picture of shells or rocks--something hard I guess. It seems to me that I most often see pictures of shells hanging on the walls of bathrooms. I did not want a bathroom picture.

I have a box of shells that I picked up on the beach in San Fabian--in the Philippines when I was a missionary there. The beach was covered in large, beautiful shells, and that was just normal there--no one by me was excited. Anyway, I decided to do a picture of these shells in tutti-fruiti colors. I like my colors ok, but the composition is just not working yet. I will have to do something more for this picture. I will post it again someday if I finish it.