Saturday, March 22, 2008

I finished the poppy embroidery. Lots of hours went into this. I stitched, unpicked, stitched, unpicked and stitched again. I had to look up diagrams of poppy leaves since the photograph I was working from didn't have great leaves. But, I am happy with it now that it is done. Well, almost happy. I will probably like it better tomorrow. I have been working on it all week and now it is 12:36 am and I am really tired. But, it is done.

Monday, March 17, 2008


This is my current Fertile Earth class project. It is poppies. Not mushrooms. It is the size of a Louis Lamour paperback book (I needed a good rectangle) and is being quite time consuming. Especially since I keep being dissatisfied with color choices and redoing it.

Onions In the Sun

The final onion fiber picture--taken against the back window with sun pouring in. I think it looks quite oniony.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

My unfinished Onion picture from my Fertile Earth class.
Hawk Outside the Wind--another image inspired by my Mother in Law.
I did a series of twig when we lived in Olean, New York. It was winter and the world was devoid of color and I was trying to recreate the contrast of the dark branches against the dreary sky. I could not stand the finished dreary pieces and eventually added colorful borders. I like it a lot better now.

Old Road/New Road

This is my last project, before starting the Fertile Earth class I am taking right now. It is an small embroidery based on an illustration of a poem (written by my mother in law) I did a number of years ago. It is almost finished, but I am still figuring out what to do in the borders.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I signed up to take an on-line fiber arts class--my first one ever. It seems that most of the other students have blogs where they post progress on their artwork. So, I thought I'd do same.

This first bunch of pictures I am posting only because we are doing a fiber arts project based on fruits and/or vegetables. About seven years ago someone gave me the book by Diedre Scherer. See her website at She does amazing portraits using fabric, thread and her sewing machine. I was enamored of her thread painting technique for a few months before I realized that it really wasn't for me. I did a few large quilts and started on some smaller root vegetable quilts. But, as you can see, my root vegetables were not exactly amazing--and look worse close up-- (although I do kind of like the carrots) and I have never actually stuck them to a background and they've been sitting in my unfinished project drawer ever since.