Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Richard  William
  I took the picture before I sewed William's eyes on.  I found his fabric at a thrift shop this week.  When I was paying for it the cashier asked what I was going to make out of it.  I said "an elephant."  She said "Oh....."    Please note the extremely skillful cutting which resulted in a whole picture across his body.  That lady just had no vision. 


David   Joe  Phyllis  Joan  John

More family reunion shots. 


Paul  Jerry  Lois  Harry  Carol

This is kind of like the picture you take in the last 20 minutes of the family reunion because you remember that you didn't take a group shot.  Chances are everyone does not look their best at that point.  I am sending a big shipment of elephants to MADE  in Jackson Hole today.  Last night it was getting dark and I had to get pictures done or not take any at all, so here are the better than nothing shots. 

#30 Martha--SOLD

 Once again I sold an elephant before taking it's picture. 

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#20 Billy--SOLD

To celebrate elephant #20 and for those of you not following along with my project, I am going to reiterate what I said back at elephant #1.  I am making 80 elephant from my great grandmother's pattern.  I've now made 20 and sold 10 of those.  Not too bad for the month or so I've been working on this.  They are available at

#19 Dorothy--SOLD