Sunday, February 20, 2011

These are the first few rounds of a picture I'm doing for my Aunt and Uncle of Capitola Beach in California. For anyone interested--here are the interesting points of this"
1. Didn't like any posted pictures of Capitola (angle wrong, too blurry, etc) and was not about to take a trip there for my own photos, so I used Google Earth street view, strolled along the road and was able to manipulate my own shot. Made me feel a little techie.
2. It is a busy picture and I wanted to collage it, but didn't want it to be too disconnected, so used the purplish background for the main piece and then painted patches of it to applique with. I think this helps with some continuity to the piece.
3. Used misty-fuse to glue down about three hundred little pieces of house. I seem to have misplaced the picture with all the windows (which, by the way, were made of a sheerish black ribbon. Guess I'll have to do another post. This last picture was taken a month ago and I have made lots of progress since then. Maybe I'll go take some pictures.