Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Miles and Miles of Iowa

The whole things


The clouds.


My good husband--who has learned the art of framing for my sake.

Finished Product.

This is a commissioned piece for a family from the Ames, Iowa area.  They have lived here many years and are moving away and wanted to take a piece of Iowa with them.  It is a country church that they have loved. 

Portrait of Molly

This is the third portrait that I've done of my kids in the last year or so. It was done for the LDS Church Art competition. I guess I'll find out if it was accepted later this month. It is acrylics on lace, overstitched with embroidery. I love it. I included three picture of the process, in case anyone is interested.

This is what I wrote about the piece:

Last fall my oldest daughter, Molly, turned 12. She does not, in general, go easily into transition, and her move from Primary to Young Womens was no exception. She is tall, studious, a little gawky and almost always awkward in social situations. I ached a little each week watching her walk into that room full of beautiful, confident teenagers. One of her first activites was a Secret Grandmother Dinner. Each girl was assigned an older sister to visit with. I was there helping serve the food, and I watched from across the room as Molly’s “grandmother” would ask her questions and Molly would answer with two or three word and then retreat to herself. I felt a little frustrated with the situation, with Molly and with myself as her mother.
A little miracle happened for me then. As I walked back in the room with dessert, I saw Molly again and the words came into my mind that “Molly is your work.” I knew that the work Heavenly Father has given me to do with my life is to raise and teach my children. I felt so much gratitude that Heavenly Father would trust me with this work. I more easily saw Molly as a child of God and as a work in progress. I saw this short awkward time as a period of learning and growing for Molly and for me. And I saw a little more clearly how this is my work, but even more it is the work of my Heavenly Father.
I made this portrait of Molly to record my feelings from that night. Behind her are embroidered words that describe what she and I want her to become. I don’t care if she chooses to become an astronaut or a librarian or a gardener, but I do care that she chooses to be kind and righteous and good. This is my testimony of parenting and my testimony of the kind of parent that our Heavenly Father is.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Red Corn

I did a whole lot of shows this summer.  The last one this year ( I think) is in Fairfield, Iowa in October.  I'd planned on using the Anti-Clematis piece I did earlier this year--recycling it from a show in Cedar Rapids.  But it sold.  That was great--but it meant I needed something new.  I did this piece--it is about 9x10 inches of heavy embroidery in about a week.  My right arm was SORE by Saturday.  Sore from gripping a needle.  I must be getting old. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Corn

I know you all wanted to see an extra large image of this one.  It has a crazy lot of stitching on top of stitching.  It is my first attempt to do a cornfield in full summer.  Or a bunch of cornfields in full summer.  I just scanned it in because I need to take it to be hung in a show tomorrow at the Grinnell Arts Center.  One of three shows I have this month.  A little crazy. 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Capitola got Framed

My Uncle sent me a picture of the Capitola piece after they had it framed.  It turned out great, I think. 

Monday, May 9, 2011


The whole banana.  You may remember that my Aunt and Uncle asked me to do a picture of Capitola, CA.  This is the finished product. I think you can click on it to see it bigger.  At least I hope you can. 


Another Detail. 

Smith.  He just wanted to be in a picture. 

Saturday, May 7, 2011


I've been experimenting with some different combinations of paint and stitching. This is small--about 4x6 inches. It is not of any particular arch, since I was busy with wet paint and didn't want to go look for a reference. I think this technique has some good possibilities.

Orangey Flowers

#3 in Flower Series. This was shown at the Grinnell Artists show and sold. So, I never did take a decent picture of it.


This has been the year of starting and not finishing much of anything so far. I have four shows coming up in the next two months though, and need to have something to show. This is the latest in my flower series---#4 to be exact. It is a picture of the clematis in the backyard. Molly made a joke and said that if I did a copy of this picture in opposite colors I could call it "Anti-Clematis". I thought that was funny.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

These are the first few rounds of a picture I'm doing for my Aunt and Uncle of Capitola Beach in California. For anyone interested--here are the interesting points of this"
1. Didn't like any posted pictures of Capitola (angle wrong, too blurry, etc) and was not about to take a trip there for my own photos, so I used Google Earth street view, strolled along the road and was able to manipulate my own shot. Made me feel a little techie.
2. It is a busy picture and I wanted to collage it, but didn't want it to be too disconnected, so used the purplish background for the main piece and then painted patches of it to applique with. I think this helps with some continuity to the piece.
3. Used misty-fuse to glue down about three hundred little pieces of house. I seem to have misplaced the picture with all the windows (which, by the way, were made of a sheerish black ribbon. Guess I'll have to do another post. This last picture was taken a month ago and I have made lots of progress since then. Maybe I'll go take some pictures.

Saturday, January 29, 2011