Saturday, September 29, 2012

#71-#72 Ann and Louise?--SOLD

After posting my last bunches of elephants, my numbers didn't add up.  I was two short.  Ann and Louise were missing from my photographic record.  I remember making both of them in August and I kind of remember what Ann looked like--she was for sure blue seersucker, but I have no memory of Louise at all.  Sorry Louise. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

#69-#70 Fred and Louis--SOLD

#67-#68 Lawrence and Harold--SOLD

#65-#66 Dolores and Barbara--SOLD

#62-#64 Alice, Peggy and Jean--SOLD

#61 Raymond--SOLD

#60 Thomas--SOLD

#59 Howard--SOLD

#57-58 Gerald and Shirley--SOLD

At the end of August I sent MADE, a shop in Jackson Hole, 24 elephants.  They sold out in under three weeks.  Now I'm sending 24 more.  Once again, the pictures are a last minute attempt to preserve their memories.  At least elephants don't suffer from photogenic red-eye, or these picture would be way worse. 

#56 Bobby--SOLD

My camera is incapable of taking pictures of the color red.  This elephant really does not have it's own visible aura.