Sunday, October 10, 2010

West Jordan Utah, 2010


In February of 2008 my Dad was made city manager of West Jordan, Utah. He moved into a big office with golden walls--which he didn't want to repaint for budget reasons. My mom mentioned to me that he needed artwork. I thought this might be a hint--so I did some research, trying to find landmarks in West Jordan to paint or stitch or whatever. Unfortunately, as much as West Jordan is a very nice place to live, it is sadly lacking in landmarks. It was mostly farms until the 70s--nothing historic of signifigance and while there are great mountain views--the mountains are not actually IN West Jordan. So, I did what anyone would do--I embroidered every street in West Jordan three times by hand. I made seventy some small quilts and then eventually attached them to a large background. This things is painted, layered, beaded, embroidered, woven--pretty much it is a sampler of my every technique. This will hang in a show at the Grinnell Arts Center for the month of November and then go on to Utah--to cover up some of those gold walls.