Saturday, July 7, 2012

#9 Joyce--SOLD

I did the Midsummer Arts festival today and took several new elephants that I made last night.  After Joyce was sold, I realized that I'd never taken a picture of her.  Since I am trying to keep a record of these elephants I did a portrait.  Joyce, we were glad to know you, even if it was only for nine hours.

Monday, July 2, 2012

#8 Mary--SOLD

#7 Gloria--SOLD

#6 Eugene--SOLD

#5 Norma--SOLD

#4 Willie--SOLD

#3 Doris--SOLD

#2 Frank--SOLD

#1 Walter--SOLD

I have a new project.

During the Great Depression my Great Grandma, Ruby, and her sister, Georgia, made these elephants to sell at church bazaars. Her daughter, my Grandma, made me a blue, flowered elephant when I was a child and it was my very favorite toy. When I had my first child, I asked my grandmother for the pattern, so I have a photocopy of my Great Grandma's pattern. It is covered with my Great-Grandma's tiny cursive advising me on exactly how to sew it. "Sew this seam THREE times" "Use ONLY four hole buttons for eyes." etc. My Great Grandma died when I was a teenager, but each time I use the pattern I feel a connection to her.

I am doing a series of 80 elephants--each one of a kind. In honor of the elephant's depression era heritage, each one will be named one of the 40 most popular girls and boys names of 1932.  I have made eight so far and sold two of them. 

This elephant's name is Walter. Walter is the 21st most popular boys name of 1932. He is the first in this series of elephants. He is made from suiting fabric with silver colored button eyes. He is for sale on Etsy at