Sunday, November 7, 2010

View from Jacob Krumm Dam

My Dad asked me to finish this cornfield piece for my Mom's birthday. It's nice to have patrons. Try to count the french knots. This is a record for me.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Grinnell Arts Center--Iowa Art Quilters

Iowa Art Quilters Show opened here tonight in Grinnell. These pictures are not great, but you get the general idea. I have three pieces in it.One is the map quilt shown below, one is the picture of Amelia--shown above with the real Amelia and one is Sacred Grove which I've never posted here because of the lack of a quality picture. You can see it above, second picture down, on the lower left.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

West Jordan Utah, 2010


In February of 2008 my Dad was made city manager of West Jordan, Utah. He moved into a big office with golden walls--which he didn't want to repaint for budget reasons. My mom mentioned to me that he needed artwork. I thought this might be a hint--so I did some research, trying to find landmarks in West Jordan to paint or stitch or whatever. Unfortunately, as much as West Jordan is a very nice place to live, it is sadly lacking in landmarks. It was mostly farms until the 70s--nothing historic of signifigance and while there are great mountain views--the mountains are not actually IN West Jordan. So, I did what anyone would do--I embroidered every street in West Jordan three times by hand. I made seventy some small quilts and then eventually attached them to a large background. This things is painted, layered, beaded, embroidered, woven--pretty much it is a sampler of my every technique. This will hang in a show at the Grinnell Arts Center for the month of November and then go on to Utah--to cover up some of those gold walls.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cornfield in Progress

This is bigger than my past cornfields. Come back in a few weeks for a more completed view of this.

Iowa Corn Stubble--Wintertime

Done. That's all I'll say. Paint, layered netting and tulle, lots of embroidery.


This is a work in progress. After doing the picture of Sandra (see below) I was unhappy with the overall outcome. So, I am trying another embroidered face. This is Amelia, my third daughter. I am still working on the eyes and the background.


I printed ginko leaves on a rough silk last fall, embroidered line detail on them and then needed a substantial image for the foreground, so I embroidered a picture of my daughter, Sandra.

Blue Mountain in Green

This is Blue Mountain, in South Eastern Utah. On maps you can find it labeled as "Abajo Mountain", but the locals all call it Blue Mountain. My husband grew up right at the base of it. When I did this piece he said "It's way too green--it's the desert." I personally think there is plenty of desert color in this picture, but I called it Blue Mountain in green anyway.

Monday, April 5, 2010

View from the Race

Last fall I volunteered at a 5k race fundraiser for our school's gifted and talented program. It was an out and back race with me at the end to tell people to turn around. The people didn't actually need my help. So, I took my sketchpad and did some drawings--and turned this one into an embroidery.