Friday, July 10, 2009

Blackbird of Happiness--finished

Here are the last few images. The background is made from a piece of old upholstery sample covered with the leftover gauze from Molly's tooth removal (the dentist office gave us enough gauze so that she could bleed for the next few years and not run out). The branch, blackbird and black parts of the tail are made from various parts of a grapefruit bag. The wing and tail are made from a little red leather moccasin.

Blackbird of Happiness

I was looking at a mixed media/fiber arts website and saw a contest I wanted to enter because I wanted to win the free online class. You had to use trash/junk and you had to use a bird in your design. I used the obvious bird for Iowa in the summer--red winged blackbird. The entire project had to be done within the month of June. I mostly finished it the last night of June about 11:00. When I went to download the image to the contest site, I found that in order to be a member of the contest Flikr group, you had to have permission from the site administrator. I didn't have time to get permission, so I ended up not entering the contest.

I don't know how to rearrange pictures, and I obviously downloaded these backwards, but if you look from the bottom up you can see the trash I used--followed by one baby moccasin that we've lost the partner too--that was cut up to make the bird's wing and tail.

Then the next few pictures and of the background in progress.